Monday, April 5th, 2010—Bar 85
Monday, April 5, 2010 at 11:31AM
365 Beers in Mars Bar, NYC Dive Bars

Day 85—Easter Sunday, April 4th
Mars Bar

Okay if remember from last Saturday I had planned on meeting John Strausbaugh at New York’s legendary dive bar, Mars Bar. Well, I met him there, but the bartender nicely told me I had to get permission to do photos, so we went here and had some drinks and did the interview. Well this week I got permission to shoot photos inside and what better place to spend Easter Sunday than the Mars Bar in the East Village? I’m going to see if I can order some takeout there and have my Easter dinner at Mars Bar.

Easter Sunday at the Mars Bar, what could be better?

Hammlet took this photo of me getting into the swing of things at Mars Bar.

Fausto was working on a piece in the sketch pad that was being passed around the bar.

Some of the booze selections at Mars Bar.

Terry displays an Easter piece of art he drew for the day.

One of Terry's pieces of art on the wall at Mars Bar.

One of the colorfull walls at Mars Bar.

Images by Niko. Check out his website here: Niko Says.

One of the bars regulars, Raymond, enjoying a glass of wine. Cheers!


Easter Sunday at Mars Bar.

I loved the fact that my name is on the cash register! I swear I didn't put that there either.

Hammlet and Terry. After this photo Hammlet asked me to draw something in the bar and wanted to take photos of me drawing. So here goes!

I decided to do a self-portrait on a mannequin's knee cap.

Hammlet documents the artist at work.

And the finished product. I'm an official Mars Bar artist, huzzah! Thanks for the photos, Hammlet!

And here's a piece of art that Hammlet has on display at the bar.

Easter dinner at Mars Bar! I ordered two pizzas from Two Boots pizza and they were delicious!

Here's Denise and Rafael enjoying slices.

Steve and Leela arrived to late for pizza, but were having a good time in spite of the fact.

Here's me with Steve and my notepad conveniently tucked under my chin.

And my final bit of graffiti on the wall before leaving. Goodnight everybody!


As the Bed Bath And Beyonds and Barnes and Noble “superstores” continue to ruin New York City, thank God for institutions like the Mars Bar.
This concrete rectangle of graffiti and art-filled madness is a testament to old school New York artists, free thinking folks and people looking to drink and have a good time. The only Blackberry you’ll find in here is brandy and the only thing close to and iPad is an artist pad that’s passed around the bar where the locals add their original sketches.

You’ll find no TV’s at Mars Bar, but the jukebox is probably the best in the city if not the country.
It’s packed with everything from mariachi to cha-cha to Chuck Berry to the Cramps to the Beach Boys and everything in between. And everyone takes turns putting on tunes at Mars Bar, so the music is always flowing along with the endless liquor. The selection isn’t huge here, so have a Budweiser and one of their massive whiskey shots and shut up and enjoy the eccentric and non-judgmental crowd.

There’s no food or kitchen here, but they have a huge pile of menus from neighborhood take-out joints. I suggest you order a pie from Two Boots for the crowd. I did and a good time was had by all! God bless the Mars Bar!

The Mars Bar
25 E 1st St (@ Second Ave)

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