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Thanks for the shoutouts!

It's not even two weeks and 365 is getting some internet attention.

Mucho thanks to Splice Today, Peoria Pundit and Gidget, the coolest DJ in the world for helping get the word out. Check out the links below.

Splice Today

Peoria Pundit

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January 20, 2010—Bar 10

Day Ten—Tuesday, January 20th—The Wharf Bar and Grill

Another day and another donation! The mysterious and sultry Tiki Bar Susie who comments here donated 50 dollars! That’s right, 50 dollars! I’d have been thrilled with five bucks! That is above and beyond generous and will cover a couple night’s boozing expenses. Mucho thanks to you Susie, I need to buy you lots of drinks next time you’re in town!



And speaking of drinks, I found a great bar website while Googling for a bar tonight. The website is called Murphguide.com and here’s a link to it: Murphguide.com. There’s tons of bar information on there website and I’m going to use it for help in picking out my nightly bar. This has nothing to do with anything, but did you realize tons spelled backwards is snot? Well it is and it’s snot my fault! Anyway, I found this Tuesday night special on the Murph site, check it out:

One of the specials tonight at the Wharf is a “Bucket of Rocks,” which they describe as “6 Rolling Rock Nips for 8 dollars.Holy shitballs, does that mean this beer has nipples? That would be the greatest motherfucking invention in the world! I mean the only thing better than beer is nipples, right? The proof is below:

So imagine combining these two wonderful things! Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try, now imagine nipples on beer bottles, I’m gonna fly! To the Wharf bar! Woo hoo! (And cheers, to my friend Parvona, all the way in Arizona! I hope you’re enjoying hummus right now!)

On my walk to the Wharf I passed this place which cracked me up because in my day a "Lid" was what you called an ounce of marijuana. Anyone else out there old enough to remember this? Another thing that cracked me up about this place is that it offers hat embroidering while you wait. Are people in that much of a hurry to get their hat embroidered these days?

And here we are, the Wharf bar.

A decent crowd for a Tuesday night.

And bartender Bobby serves up the Bucket of Nipplized Rolling Rocks.

And here I sadly find out there's no nipples on the beer. They call them nips because they're miniature bottles of beer. So sad!

While they may not have nipples on the beers, there is a massive booze selection at this joint.

Here's some of the regulars from the Wharf: Jarett (a.k.a. Justin Inch—he's a wise guy!), Drew, bartender Bobby and the lovely Dani.

Some of the specials at the Wharf.

This is John who was seated next to me. This guy has had more sports injuries than Evil Knievel! You wouldn't know it from the picture, but his jaw was once busted in three places. Ouch!

The back room at the Wharf.

Here's Laura and Shevon, who were first timers at the bar.

Some of the many draft beers to be had at the Wharf.

Another Wednesday special is $1.00 tacos. I got three and they were deeeelicous!

Bobby and John shoot the shit while I shoot their photo.

Here's Amanda and Eric who confessed they were sort of regualrs at the bar.

Tabasco Sauce!

Some of the specials to be had at the Wharf Bar and Grill.

Uh, oh. The bucket is empty which means...

Bathroom break!

I'm really amazed by the clean toilets I've encountered. What happened to the grungy bathrooms in bars?

there's a bulletin board to remind you of the bar's business as you do your business in the john.

Hey, how'd that get there?

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot! Thanks again to Tiki Bar Susie for the generous donation! Cheers and beers!


The Wharf Bar and Grill bills itself as an unpretentious place and that’s just what it is.
A nice clean place to hang out with friends, hoist a few beers, put some tunes on the jukebox and enjoy the seafaring atmosphere in the joint. Happy hour is from 4 to 7 pm, Monday through Friday with four dollar well drinks (and Absolut drinks) and five bucks for pint frozen drinks. Check out their website (below) for daily specials. There’s also 16 beers on tap and 22 selections of bottled beer for your boozing pleasure.

The kitchen is open till two in the morning (nice for those of you that puff the wacky tobacky in between drinks) and they have a large menu of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, wraps and full course entrees from their grill. One of the favorites are the Wharf dogs which come two to an order with chili and cheese on them. The dollar tacos on Tuesday is a great bargain and a great taco! And you can enjoy them at the outdoor deck which thanks to a retractable roof that is open year-round. And there’s 11 plasma TV’s for you funnelheads and sportsfans out there.

Now if they could only figure out how to get nipples on beer bottles!

Wharf Bar and Grill
587 Third Ave. (between 38th & 39th St.)
(212) 490-7270


January 19, 2010—Bar 9

Day Nine—Monday January 18—Flight 151

Another day, another twenty dollars! My friend (and former co-worker), James Mollo sent me twenty bucks via my PayPal donation all the way from California!

So tonight the drinks are on James and in honor of James’ generous donation, I’m going to the bar he used to hang out at when he lived here in New York City, Flight 151. I’ve knocked more than a few beers back with James in this place, so I know it’s a decent bar. Plus James told me he was sending a woman over to meet me. Is he sending a hooker over there? We won’t know till we get there, so let’s go!

Here we are at the Flight 151 bar. Prepare for take off!

Not too crowded tonight, but what do you expect on a Monday night?

Steve the bartneder serves up an ice cold Budweiser. Sterve is a writer and penned the play Bordertown. He told me he's currently working on two more plays.

Flight 151 is decked out like an airplane hangar and there's lots of airplane imagery to be seen here.

And here's the cutest couple of the night...okay, they were the only couple of the night, but a cute couple indeed! I give you, Tony and Maria. The told me they're regulars who love the vintage airplane memorabilia in the bar.

6,556 days of flight. And yes their arms are tired!

More airplane memorabilia on the walls of Flight 151.

Waitress Michelle serves up menus and blown out candles!


Who says you can't fly on one wing?

There's tables in back for groups and dining.

And every table has crayons if you desire to draw upon the tables.

Here's Nick, a regular who lives close by.

And here's another regular named...Nick! Maybe they should rename this place "Nick's at Night."


Even more airplane memorabilia on the walls.

Bartender Steve with the regulars at Flight 151.

By now I'm double fisting the beers. Yee Haaa!

Some of the beer available at Flight 151.

A red airplane kissing itself. If I wasn't drinking, I'd fear the DT's!

Okay, time for the bathroom break of the evening.

Is it me, or does this water look crinkly?

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot!

Hey...how'd that get on the wall?

Thought while walking home: "Hey, what happened to that woman Mollo promised me?"


Flight 151 is a casual, friendly neighborood bar.
The bartenders are friendly and fast with your drink and the locals inside are a nice group of fun people. Happy hour is from 5 pm to 7 pm with two dollar beers and three bucks for a well drink. When Jimmy Buffet comes to town, he should come on Mondays when Margaritas are four bucks all day and all of the night. Tuesday is flip night where you can flip a coin with the bartender and if you win, your drink is on the house. And for you starry-eyed folks, some celebrities are known to frequent this joint including star sightings from bartender Steve that include, the whole cast of the HBO series Oz, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Uma Thurman.

In addition to the usual pub grub like burgers, wraps and sandwiches, Flight 151 offers 7 varieties of pasta, and dinner etrees of homemade meatloaf, Bar-B-Q chicken and ribs and NY grilled sirloin steak. You can even get a genuine New York chocolate egg cream here (if you tip a little, maybe they’ll pour some vodka in it for you!)

Flight 151
Flight 151 Menu Page
151 8th Ave (between 17th and 18th St.)
(212) 229-1868