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Back To Work, What's Coming Up Next...

Okay, back to work for me today. Tomorrow I'm going to post some photos from the last night of the bar crawl taken by my pal, Vern "Butch" Damico a.k.a. Jim Borho. Speaking of the last night, I've finally added some videos to that post (for some reason I couldn't do it on my laptop) and now you can see it as I originally intended it to look. Here's the link: Mike's Tavern, Bar 365.

Lots of people have asked what I'm going to do next and I'm planning on unleashing a new blog the first week of February. It's not going to be a 365 thing, it's going to be looser and a bit more improvisational. I'll be writing more about that and other things here, so continue to check back, there'll be at least one new update here every day till the new project gets underway.

And now...keep fucking that chicken, Motherfuckers!