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This is the shit that passes for ketchup in the Greater Peoria Airport. It doesn't improve my mood. It looks like the retarded and/or brain dead cousin of Hunt's ketchup. Thanks for this, Greater Peoria Airport. Oh, and thanks too for being over an hour late with my flight and not posting or announcing anything about it. I've already missed my flight to New York from Chicago and it's probably going to be a nightmare of a day. Crown ketchup? FUCK YOU!


Trying To Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge...

So here I sit in the Greater Peoria Airport. The flight should've taken off about twenty minutes ago, there's no announcements about what's going on and I think I might just go get another beer. Things don't look good and there's another blizzard heading towards New York, plus there's a crazy old woman parading around here. It's times like these that I really wish I had some drugs. Here's my morning so far.

The snowy car ride to the airport with my parents.

This doesn't look good.

And here I sit...

With a crazy woman parading around. I just want to go home. Stay tuned...