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Friday, June 18th, 2010—Bar 159

Day 159—Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Bar Veloce

First off I want to thank someone for sending in a photo he took of me in action on the 365 Crawl. I met Handel the night I went to the Mug Lounge. He snapped a photo of me doing my bar crawl thing and here it is:
Thanks for sending it in and following the crawl, Handel!

Okay, I’m not going to lie, there are nights I just don’t feel like doing this and tonight’s one of them. I don’t know if it was something I ate or what, but my stomach feels a little shaky and I’m really tired. But there’s no way I’m missing a night now, I really don’t want to start all over again. So it’s onward and barward, whatever the fuck that means! I didn’t even have the energy to find a place for tonight, so it’ll be a totally random choice. I’ve decided I’ll walk to the corner of 25th and 8th Avenue and walk eastward till I hit someplace I want to go to. Maybe a bar with nurses in it. Okay, time to crawl, and tonight, the way I feel I may literally end up crawling!

Okay, here we are at 25th and 8th, I need to find a bar soon, in addition to my stomach feeling shaky, I've got a major-league headache.

And so off we go.

Must be a donut factory.

...the Chainsaw! (Look closely.)

Okay, this is the last time I do a random crawl. There's not shit around here. Fuck, I just want to go to sleep.

Goddamn, it's fucking desolate around here!

I'm going to hang a left here and see if I can find something.

Every bar I pass has the fucking Laker's game on with people staring at it like zombies. I can't do a bar crawl thing in that kind of environment.

This is going to be me in about twenty minutes if I don't find a bar to sit down and relax at. I've been wandering around for 45 minutes and my dogs are barking.

HATE the Trader Joe's! Fuck, I just want to find a bar!

HATE the Laker's! What the fuck is wrong with everyone? I can't do my bar crawl thing in this kind of crowd. Fuck!

This place looks promising.

They've got a Vespa out front which is a nice touch.

Okay, it looks nice and relaxing in here, and what's that on the TV?

Why? Why not, it's not the Laker's, so I've decided this is the bar of the night and none too soon!

Bartender Thomas is a real pro of a bartender and a nice guy to chat with.

Cheers! (Nice shirt, huh?)

While there is bottled beer, spirits and sake available, Bar Veloce is a wine bar with an extensive selection. This is just a small sampling on the wall.

Some of the night's offerings are shown on this board.

A wooden candle lit wooden table and chairs line the wall opposite the bar.

Postcards can be had for free, hey, that's Thomas!

Obligatory overhead bar mirror shot.

I wasn't going to do any meet and greet photos, but what the hell, I've got a second wind now, let's go say hi to this couple.

Pamela and Chris were enjoying a quiet moment at the bar. Till I burst in with my 365 chatter. Hey, it's what I do!

Thomas pours the last beer of the evening. Hooray, I made it!

Almost. Goodnight everybody!

Bar Veloce is an elegant, long narrow bar and the emphasis here is on wine, tasty food and professional service. Owner Frederick E. Twomey has modeled the bar in the fashion of Europe’s “fast bars” where people stop by for a quick and enjoyable drink while on their way to other venues. The bar is sleek and long and there’s a long candle lit wooden bar with chairs opposite to sit at. A TV screen in the back of the bar shows foreign movies with subtitles and the sound off. Jazz music plays in the background at a low level, allowing easy conversation to flow.

This is a wine bar, so the wine list is extensive and impressive. In addition to the wine there’s classic spirits, sake and three bottled beers available. They also have a food menu featuring eight olive plates, twelve panini choices and six Piatti composed plates to choose from.

Bar Veloce is a nice, relaxing place to hang, especially when there’s a Laker’s game going on. Sometimes a subtitled film on the tube is a nice choice when you’re tired and just want a drink or three.
Or four.

Bar Veloce
175 Second Ave. (Near 11th St.)

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Reader Comments (26)

HAHAHHAA !!!!! I need a Zoom to look closely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT :D thanks Marty !!!

Very cool place!!

I like Thomas!

Great job Marty, you are a true professional.

June 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTiki Bar Susie

I like the way the wine bottles were arranged behind the bar. And I'm pretty sure Thomas' mustache could beat the Lakers single handedly. That thing is a winner!

June 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTheChief

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