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Tripping With Marty

I'm now blogging here: Tripping With Marty. If you liked the 365 bar crawl, I'm sure you'll like what I'm doing at Tripping With Marty. Please check it out if you can!


Marty After Dark

Okay, I'm back to work! The new blog is called Marty After Dark and if you click here, you'll be magically transferred over: Marty After Dark.


Okay, So Now It's February 15th...

I know I said my new blog would be up and running on February 1st, but it turns out it's going to be a couple weeks later. It's taking longer than I thought to build it and I'm thinking and writing ideas for it. I'm also resting up from last year. I didn't realize how tired and beat I was until I stopped. I need a couple more weeks to recharge and get ready for my next blog adventure. And it's not going to be another 365 idea, but it'll be close in spirit to the 365 Bar Crawl. I hope everyone checks back on the 15th, I promise it will be up and running on that day. Till then, here's some random photos of some of the bartenders I encountered along the way to pass a little time. I hope to see you all on the 15th. Oh, there may be another post with some shots of my bar crawling buddies the BBC enjoying a Butch's pizza. Stay tuned. Cheers!

(Check out the latest update below.)

And Check out Tim "Clacky" Clack's blog, "Tales From The Bunt's Side." I just bookmarked it, great work Clacky!

***2.2.2011—And there's yet another update below the last update!

********2.12.2011—Yet another update featuring the BBC! Check the photos below!

I’ve been alerted to some things going on with some of our 365 regulars and here’s the news:

Jaws the Cabbie has his own online store now, so if you’d like your very own Jaws styled shirt or mug, check it out here: Jaws’ Online Store.

And Tim “Clacky” Clack has posted a video of the band he plays bass with, Tall Jenny and the Triple OOO’s, check out them doing a live version of the song that should be this blog’s theme song, “Hangover:”

And don’t forget to stop back on February 15th, 2011 for the unveiling of my new blog, sneeze you all soon!

Update! 2.2.2011

Way back on Sept. 24th, we had a special guest star from Canada join me on the bar crawl. It was bar number 257 and Lex had written me that she followed the blog and was coming into town from Canada and wanted to join me on the bar crawl. She seemed nice in her email, so I was more than happy to have her join in the festivities. The night before, my friends Jon and Karen who publish the online, Grade A Fancy magazine (Check out the latest update here) were having a get-together at the Rum House and since I had to work, Lex went in my place and had a great time. The next night we went to Hurley's and later on in the night were joined by Lex's in-laws, Mary Ann and Morley. We had a great time and Lex and I have kept in touch via email. Mary Ann and Morley were recently visiting Lex and her family and they posed for a couple photos of all three of them wearing their 365 Bar t-shirts. Don't they look stunning? Thanks for the photos, Lex! I look forward to you returning to New York City! (Oh and t-shirts are still available at the 365 Bar Store!)

Here they are looking splendid in their 365 gear! From left: Morley, Mary Ann and Lex.

And of course when you put on the shirt, you have to pop open a beer! Cheers to all three of you, thanks for the photos, Lex!

Update 2.12.2011! Butch's Pizza and the BBC and an Overweight David Lee Roth Wannabe!

Gene from the BBC (Baltimore Bar Crawlers) sent in these photos of himself, Smoopy and Terry enjoying some Butch's pizza and a night out on the town seeing a Van Halen tribute band. Above a trio of Butch's pizzas!

Gene enjoying the goodness that is Butch's pizza.

And here's Terry and Smoopy enjoying some slices. If you'd like to try some, you can order right here: Butch's Pizza.

The traditional BBC version of the "wearin' of the beer."

Here's the Van Halen tribute band. Hey, David Lee Roth, one word: "Stairmaster."

And speaking of words, Smoopy gets in the last word via the bird with Terry at her side. Thanks for the photos BBC, hope to see you soon! (Oh and the rumor has it that in addition to the pizza the three of them had over 1072 drinks between them on this night out. Cheers!)