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Thanks To Woody Radio and Gidget!

Thanks to Woody Radio and the coolest DJ in the world, Gidget! She's our official pimp of this site and I appreciate her shout outs on her show! Check her and all the other fine DJ's on Woody Radio...they will make you Rock Hard! Here's the link: Woody Radio.


Monday, January 18, 2010—Bar 8

Day Eight—Sunday, January 17th—The Hairy Monk

Okay, it’s my favorite night of the week to go out and I’m taking a suggestion from Sara (without an H) who I met at Jake’s Saloon on Friday night.

Sara (on the right) suggested the Hairy Monk.

She told me her favorite bar is called the Hairy Monk, which is located at the corner of 25rd and 3rd. So that’s where I’m going, that way if it sucks, it’s her fault! Maybe we’ll see Sara there, only time will tell, so let’s get over there!

Here we are, it's the Hairy Monk!

It's a decent crowd for a Sunday night!

Jo the bartender on duty happily serves up a 20 ounce pint of Guiness. Too rah loo rah loo rah!

Which of course leads to the age-old tradition of the wearin' of the Guiness on your noggin.' Cheers!

I wandered over to the three prettiest faces in the bar, Melissa, Emily and Caroline. They told me it was the first time they had been at the Hairy Monk.

Soon I was literally getting into the spirit of things by doing a shot with Jeff, Brian and Mike. Mike bought the shots and Jeff told me they were the anti-Boston group of the bar. It truly was more than a feeling.

Down the hatch and over the river and through the woods.

Some of the drink specials to be had at the Hairy Monk.

This is Wally who plays guitar inside the bar. Surprisingly there's no cover charge for this entertainment!

The beer of the month at the Hairy Monk.

I decide to combine the anti-Boston group with the prettiest faces in the bar by buying us all a shot. That's what I'm here for!

Ya gotta love a bar that has Jesus, Johnny Cash and Guiness on the cash register.

Okay, time for the nightly bathroom break.

Clean urinals, woo hoo!

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot.

Uh oh, Karaoke has begun. One rule I have in bars is: When the Karaoke begins, I get the fuck out of the joint! Goodnight everybody!


The Hairy Monk
is a fun bar where you feel like a regular even if it’s your first time in. The bartenders are friendly and there’s nice neighborhoodly vibe going on, even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, like me.

They have 19 beers on tap and they serve 20 ounce pints, size matters at The Hairy Monk! Happy hour happens every day from 11 am to 7 pm with a large selection of drinks, bottled beers and the aforementioned 19 beers on tap.

There’s a full menu of food to be had including fish ‘n’ chips, Irish mixed grill, chicken pot pie, Irish beef stew and lots of other entrees (see the website below for full menu.) Saturday and Sunday brunch is served till 4:30 pm and comes with 2 complimentary drinks from the menu.

If you're a fan of Boston sports, this is your spot. The Sox, Patriots and Celtics are featured on 8 TV screens and one large projection screen in the back of the bar. Personally I was just there for the Guiness and good times and there were plenty of each to be had.

The Hairy Monk
337 Third Ave. (@25th St.)


Sunday January 17, 2010—Bar 7

Day Seven—Saturday, January 16th—La Vela (I originally was headed for Bourbon St.)

Alright, the seventh day! And they said I couldn’t do this. Actually I can’t wait until I get further into this because people I meet keep asking me how many bars I’ve been to and then they scoff when I tell them the low number. And I don’t like to be scoffed at!

On a non-scoff note, if you happened to notice I put up a “Donate” button over there on the right-hand side. I figured if you’re having a good time reading this, maybe you’d like to buy me a beer. Consider it a cover charge for the online bar crawl I’m providing. Well, already someone has donated, a fellow named Rich “Happy Cappy” Caposino! I used to work with Rich and he generously sent in 20 bucks today! Holy Fucking Moley! He must’ve hit the lottery, the last thing this guy bought for me was this shitty, motherfucking, piece of shit sandwich from Blimpie’s...well, I won’t go into that, because it’ll take the rest of the post and if you work with me, no doubt you’ve heard the story. But anyway, mucho thanks to Happy Cappy for tonight’s donation! Get here to the city some night, Cappy and join me on the bar crawl!

Speaking of the bar crawl, tonight I’m going to that Mardi Gras themed bar I was going to go to last night. It’s called Bourbon St. and it’s located on the Upper West Side. So let’s grab a subway car and hit the fucking road! (Oh, I got the picture below from their website, hopefully she’ll be bartending tonight!)

Here we are the 14th St. station headed towards the Upper West Side.

It's a little bit of a hike, but it's cheaper than a cab and probably quicker too.

This is our stop and how kind of the mitten woman to point it out. Thank you mitten woman! And they say New Yorkers are unfriendly. Peeeshaw!

Okay, here we are down in the bowels of the Manhattan Subway System. At least it's winter, in the summer there's always a humid urine stench in the air.

We're waiting for the express train which is just three stops to the Upper West Side, as opposed to...

The local train, which makes about 15 stops. I was half tempted to get on though, as sometimes you can wait forever for the express.

I was glad I resisted temptation because seconds later the express train showed up. Huzzah!

My brand new Doc Marten boots, resting casually on the subway car.

Crazy-guy self portrait on a subway car.

And before you know it, here we are at 72nd Street. I love the express train!

The Upper West Side is my old stomping ground, I lived here for four years when I moved here in 1993. I lived in the Beacon Hotel right next to the Beacon Theater. And thanks for the warning Beacon Theater!

And here's my old apartment. It's a hotel room now. I drank lots of Meister Brau in my economically challenged first year here in New York City.

Bill Maher once gave me the evil eye in this deli when I did a double take at him. Bill, you're a funny guy, but don't be such an asshole. If you don't want to get the double takes, get off the TV!


This is a poster in a barber's window. Seriously, who in the fuck is going to say, "You know what, give me the number 24 look."

Okay, we're almost there.

Okay, here we are, the Bourbon St. bar. Hey, I'm a poet and don't know it. Okay, full disclosure here, I HATE going out on Saturday night's. It's the New Year's Eve night of the week and this place is packed and it'll be tough to try and talk to people. Fuck it, I passed a little Italian restaurant a few blocks earlier with a little bar up front and I'm going there instead. I'll try this place on a weeknight when it's not so crazy.

Here we are, the La Vela restaurant. An old school Italian joint, right down to the red checked table cloths.

However I'm here for beer and bartender Cris serves up an ice cold Peroni at the small bar in the front of the restaurant. Cris is also an accomplished DJ and you can reach him and find his facebook page through his email here: Cris_booking@hotmail.com

And dutifully I drink my first beer of the night. It was delicious!

The front bar is small, but well stocked. I think this will start a tradition of going to small, quiet, out of the way bars on Saturday nights.

Here's Cris and his co-worker, Mariya.


Cris' lovely girlfriend, Natalia showed up. The two of them were going to a party later where Cris was the DJ for the evening.

After the third Peroni it was time for a bathroom break.

So far the toilet's have been spotless everywhere I go. It makes me feel ashamed about the state of my own toilet at home. I need to bust out the Scrubbing Bubbles.

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot.

Beer number four and my work here is done. Thanks to Cris, Nataiie and Mariya for being great sports and good company on a quiet Saturday night.

And the best thing about the eveing? Right across from the subway station is the Upper West Side's Gray's Papaya hot dog stand.

Hot dog! And goodnight everybody! And mucho thanks again to Rich "Happy Cappy" Caposino for buying the drinks tonight!


Okay, while I spent my time at the bar here, this is officially an old school Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side. I can’t comment on the food, because I didn’t eat there, but what I saw being served looked great. La Vela is a quiet place, perfect for a family dinner or a first date. They’ve got a full bar, a great selection of vino to compliment your Italian dinner and take out is also offered.

La Vela also serves a great lunch and hours are 12 pm to 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and Friday and Saturday they’re open till midnight. Outdoor dining is available when weather permits. And it’s a great place for a quiet quartet of Peroni’s on a Saturday night. Ciao!

La Vela
373 Amsterdam Ave  
(212) 877-7818