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Saturday, December 11th, 2010—Bar—335

Day 335—Friday, December 10th, 2010
Broadway Dive

If you recall last Tuesday I visited the Ding Dong Lounge on the Upper West Side. I told my friend and fabulous and best DJ in the universe Gidget (listen to her on Woody Radio and check out “Boris’s” “Secret Weapon” show as well), that I was going there, she immediately reminded me that she knew a woman who DJ’s there occasionally and that her name is Linda. Sadly Linda wasn’t there, but Gidget told her I had stopped by and she left a comment on the 365 fan page on facebook, (which Gidget set up and it’s maintained by her and “Boris,” and I thank the two of them for doing that for me!) and invited me to stop by on Friday night when she’s behind the DJ booth at the Ding Dong Lounge. So I decided to find another bar in the neighborhood, do that as tonight’s official bar and then stop in and say hi to Linda and the folks at the Ding Dong Lounge. Oh, tonight’s bar is called the Broadway Dive. Let’s see if it lives up to its name.

And here's the place, the Broadway Dive.

And there's a seat at the end of the bar. Perfect!

And even more perfect is friendly and pretty bartender, Alison serving up a cold beer. Let the Friday bar crawl begin!

A view of the bar from where I sit.

Ian was seated next to me at the bar and lives on the block.

And seated next to Ian was Arnaud who is visiting New York from Paris, France.

Cheers from the three of us.

Christmas lights and wreaths add a festive touch to the joint.

And Santa's hung his hat and is passed out in the back room.

A fish tank looms over the bar, always a nice touch for a dive bar.

Just some of the draft beer available at the bar. They have 17 taps and they rotate the selection weekly.

Marble-topped tables and stools are lined up opposite the bar.

Which is where Julie and Dylan were sitting and enjoying some beers.

Meanwhile, back at the bar...

Alison is busy pouring beers for thirsty patrons.

But she's not too busy to stop and pose with the other bartender on duty, Joe.

There's lots of activities going on above the bar. A plane zooms overhead...

And a bicycle hangs from the ceiling.

And elephants are on parade.

But when those elephants turn pink, it's time to go home. Goodnight, everybody!

And I continue to slack off as far as reviews go, I’m running late today and have a lot of stuff to do, so here’s a review of the Broadway Dive from New York magazine.


Marked by a twin red-and-white neon tavern sign over the door, this quintessential neighborhood hangout has been around for almost 20 years. Many patrons have been drinking here for over five years, more than earning their unofficial bar stools. But don't be put off. Broadway Dive is a bar for socializing, supported by an easy-mingling crowd of off-duty cops, writers, actors, shopkeepers and laborers. A mounted wild boar's head, an oversized model airplane, a few ceiling fans and a couple of bullet holes evoke a long-gone era when this 'hood was decidedly dodgy. Entertainment comes in the form of an iconic jukebox on which Patsy Cline and Elvis meet Marvin Gaye and The Ramones, plus a dart board and eight sports-tuned TV screens. A word to the wise: This is a bar for Mets fans and beer drinkers; Yankee fans and cocktail sippers are tolerated at best. — Michael Anstendig

Daily, 11:30am-7pm; $4 domestic draft, $5 well and selected wines


Broadway Dive
2662 Broadway (Between 101st and 102nd)


Bonus Photo of Groovy DJ Fa La Linda at the Ding Dong Lounge!

Okay, since we’re in the neighborhood, let’s stop by and say hi to Gidget’s fellow DJ friend, Linda at the Ding Dong Lounge.

And here she is, Groovy Dj Fa La Linda, a virtual DJ  who, according to her card, spins a go-go gourmet blend of garage, punk, soul, funk, freakbeat, psych, surf rockabilly and beyond. And having heard her work, I agree, she’s a great DJ and the tunes were superior. Great to meet you Linda! If you’d like to contact Linda for a DJ gig here’s her email: Groovy DJ Fa La Linda.


Video Via Clacky

Clacky sent in this video of The Cosmic Psychos, Take it away, Psychos!

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Reader Comments (18)

Neon "Tavern" sign is one of the best bar sign's yet. You are correct about the pink elephants,,,,ive seen many of those when Ive gotten invisible at bars. Linda the DJ is pretty sort of like Debbie Harry but her hand is hiding her face somewhat. Alison is a real looker,,,hey you could do a book on just the pretty bartenders of NY.

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAl

Cool ... Broadway Dive is 1 1/2 blocks from my hotel next weekend ! I think I know where my nightly nightcap will be :)

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGENE

@Al: The bartenders book is a great idea!

@GENE: You'll love this place.

December 11, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

I agree with Al, that tavern photo rules! Love the neon. Great bar, looks like a real friendly neighborhood spot. And DJ Linda is cute!

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarfly

A big pink elephant...what a perfect mascot for a bar! Looks like it's gonna be a while before I see any of those or the little pink oompa loompas... we're getting hit by one of the biggest blizzards in over twenty years here in flyover country...two FEET of this evil white crap before it's over tonight....AND I RAN OUT OF WHISKEY YESTETDAY!!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back into the fetal position in my bed and start banging my head against the wall. Oh...God...withdrawl...Big Dogs...BIG DOGS...LANDING ON MY FACE....

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

@ Clacky; To Russ Meyer and his Vixens!

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

See told ya Linda was a cutee..
this is a great bar..a mix of a lot of cool.. i hope the next few weeks are nothing but cool.. so we go out with a huge bang!!!!

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGidget

Love the ceiling decor. Linda and Alison are both very pretty women. @Jaws hope its less than they are expecting! They shut down most of the state a few weeks ago for a blizzard warning, we got maybe 2 in. Hope you're as lucky.

December 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari

@Gene: Put it on your microsoft spread sheet.
@anyone...I've seen many things in my time, but the time I saw Gene take out a printed spreadsheet from his pocket with a complete listing of NY bars on it that he's been to, I knew I was in the company of a complete professional. Would I trust him with my life? I don't know. Would I trust him to get me to a bar? Abso Fucking Lutely !

@365: I have a good feeling that Linda is one slick DJ...a REAL DJ that spins cool stuff all night!
I gotta check out that link. Gotta love the Cosmic Psychos....we did a gig last night and somehow pulled a good crowd considering we didn't advertise! The video is in production as we speak and I've got cds for you and Gidget!!

December 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterClacky

That list hasn't been updated in almost 2 years ! It really should be two pages ! I've been to more places ... but it's my "reference" list ... it gets my creative pub crawl juices flowing :)

December 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGENE

damn late to the party again...gotta lay off those "rutgut" 45's until i get to the crawl..Broadway Dive appears to be a festive stop on the crawl...fa la linda looks very groovy...thank fot the video clacky and thanks to 365 for posting it...KOC


December 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterraginrr

that last line should have started w/thanks for...KOC


December 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterraginrr

@Clacky: Linda spins good tunes, classic garage rock, what's better?

December 12, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

Did any of you guys see the footage of our metro dome collapsing in Minneapolis? 2 feet of snow here just as predicted. Marty, there was a New York football fan here for the game (cancelled) who said on the tube that he'd rather go to Mars to catch a game than come here again. I don't blame him at all. The weather here is as Minnehideous as Minnesota can make it.

December 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

@Jaws: Two feet of snow? Holy shitballs, have you been able to restock the whiskey?

December 13, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

I'm diggin' the decor in Broadway Dive. Are those cool retro sconces near the bottles or heating elements? Only Santa knows for sure, and he's passed out in the back room! Anyhoo, looking forward to stopping by to try one (or all) of those 17 taps!

December 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

I'm here now ! Nice ! They also have free candy and hot dogs to go with my Yuengling Black & Tans !!! PARTY !!!!!

December 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGENE

@GENE: Say hi to everybody for me! Work is crazy tonight, I'll email soon.

December 17, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

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