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April 1st, 2010—Bar 81

Day 81—Wednesday, March 31st
Pine Tree Lodge

Ding, ding, ding! The donation bell rang twice today!

First off an old friend of mine, Rick Halberg sent me ten bucks via PayPal and his stated purpose was: So Marty doesn't go broke.” Thanks Rick, this will help! Rick’s a writer and is working on a rock ‘n’ roll book that hopefully will be out before my bar crawl is over so I can publicize it here. Thanks Rick!

And secondly, a new friend of mine, Kim Thury, sent me twenty bucks via PayPal with this stated purpose: “For putting up with Fitzy's ramblings & I'll also make you a mean Bloody Mary when you visit Kim's Place in SDak!”
We all know my new Australian mate Fitzy though his great comments here and Kim owns her own bar in South Dakota that I’m hoping to visit when Fitzy next visits Kim. Thanks a lot Kim, I appreciate it greatly and I hope to be able to make you bar part of the crawl!

And speaking of donations, remember David Brooks, one of my Australian mates who sent in a donation? Well, he’s been threatening to send in a picture drinking a beer at one of his Australian bars and he finally did it.

Cheers David and thanks for the past donation!

Okay, on to tonight's bar. There’s a lot of campy bars in Manhattan but only one camp bar that I know of and that would be the Pine Tree Lodge. I just found it while searching the internet and it’s a bar that is decorated in summer camp style. Now that it’s starting to get warmer, I’m in a summer mood, so I’ve picked the Pine Tree as tonight’s watering hole, that probably comes complete with a life preserver. Grab some Raid and let’s go.

Are you ready for the summer? The Pine Tree Lodge in all its glory.
It looks cool in here.

They not only have two for one drinks in here, they have pretty two for one bartenders! From left: Dominika and Ewa.

I've heard of a deer caught in the headlights but this one is caught in the Christmas lights.

Okay, I'm done with the chocolate martini's for now, it's back to the Bud for me!

Seated next to me at the bar were Peter and Kevin who are regulars at Pine Tree Lodge. Cheers, guys!

It's a festive and campy atmosphere at the bar.

Margaret and Krissy were enjoying drinks and good times at the bar.

Oh deer, look at this!

In addition to the front bar there's two back rooms. There's this comfortable lounge-like room in the back...

And off to the side is this room with bookcases and more campy kitsch.

This couple were enjoying drinks in the back room.

They're Kait and James. James is starting his own website and I encourage you to check it out. He just quit his corporate job and plans on traveling the world and is going to document it on his website here: Roam Experiment. Good luck on your travelings, James, we'll all be watching!

Outside of the bar is a large patio where you can enjoy your drinks and smoke! Mayor Bloomberg be damned!

Back inside Ryan, Angie, Michelle and Gary were partying and picking the deer's nose in the back room. As good of a time as any to say, "Goodnight everybody!"


Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh...here I am at...Pine Tree Lodge. Okay, that doesn’t rhyme, but Pine Tree lodge is definitely the place to bring out your inner Allen Sherman (Google him kids, my age is showing with that reference!) I would say it’s also the place to bring out your inner tube, but they’ve done that arleady at this campy camp themed bar in the Kips Bay area of Manhattan. The bar is filled with life preservers, festive lighting, deer heads and book cases and is one of the most unique bars in the area. The bartendeers are friendly and the patrons treat you like a fellow camper.

There’s a rugged wooden bar with a good selection of decently priced bottled and draft beers.
Happy Camper Hour runs for a full five hours from 5 pm to 10 pm Monday through Friday with two for one domestic drafts and well drinks. Here’s a picture of the bottled beers available:

There’s a good selection of draft beers available as well including: Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Bud Light and Guinness. There’s no kitchen at the bar, but they have a lot of take out menus and you can order in from the bar. Stop by on Wednesday and Saturday and say hi to Ewa the friendly and attractive bartender. She’ll make you feel right at home.

Enjoy Pine Tree Lodge, just make sure no one short sheets your bar stool.

Pine Tree Lodge
326 E. 35th St. (Near 2nd Ave.)

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Reader Comments (16)

You know, the moment I saw 'Pine Tree Lodge' on the bar list, I was expecting something from the set of 'Northern Exposure', and I was kind of right. I had this weird vision of you doing the Bill Murray spatula bit from the movie 'Meatballs' there in the kitchen with you and Dominika and Ewa. Looks like you had a good old time in there, Marty!

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

Glad to see you've weaned yourself off the candy martini's Marty! Looks like a fun place with hot bartenders!

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarfly

I was having "Twin Peaks" thoughts myself..
I have this thing for deers and i really want the deer foot table!

Jaws, wasnt the spatula bit in stripes?

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGidget

What a great looking place and the smiling faces make it even better!

I love it! Thank you for taking us with you.


April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTiki Bar Susie

What cool joint.
I love stuff like this.
Cheers to David and the Donors.
(sounds like a band)
and yes, Gidget, "Stripes" indeed!
P.J. Soles "over easy".
Riff Randall forever!

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter"Boris"

Gidget, it's possible you may be right. Ghod it's been a long time, I feel the Altzheimers just lurking around the corner...waiting...just waiting...

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

I like the crooked tv falling into a barrel on the back wall. It's a nice touch, especially for those who've drank/drunk/drinked their neck muscles numb. This place looks comfy cozy and you can't go wrong with a five hour happy hour! Plus, it reminds me of that movie The Great Outdoors, and I love that flick. See you soon, Pine Tree Lodge!

On a separate note: Dear Miller Lite - please stop dressing my beer up as Beetlejuice. It freaks me out. Thanks!

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

"B" and not just the hot PJ in that film but a young hot pre-nuts Sean Young.
One of my fave films of all time.
But I've never had the aunt jemina treatment.

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGidget

Huuuuuuuuuuuu! lol here a new dead-head friend for Jason!! But I wonder if jason also talks with dead-legs?? haha I love the design interior, the lunge, the bookshelf! yeah! but I still don't like the Jason's dead-head-legs-bodypart friends!! ;)

Marty, today you have to drink TWICE because "New York" and "Bars" brought me good luck !
I never (too much) lied for jobs interview, but today I did the biggest of my life!!!!!

I went to an interview for a waitress/dishwashing job in a bar-restaurant for 10days and there where 20 people waiting for the interview.... SHIT! I never did this job, I thought I would have no chance.... BUT I really need fucking money to come in new York!!!
So, I let people to go before me and went the last one (so they can remember me) then they told me : Have you ever did this job? We need someone who can work fast you know...
I answered : Yes No problem, I'm in France just for a short time before to go back to NYC, I worked in allot of bars-restaurant there. People are stressed in NYC and need to be served very fast, so I'm used to that!! .................. And I got the Job !!!!!! YEAAAAH !!!!

But somewhere, I'm working everyday in a bar in NYC because to comment about bars here everyday, that's already a kind of job!!!! HAHAHHAHA

CHEERS TO MY 365 EXPERIENCES JOB IN 365 NYC BARS !!!!!!!!! hahahahaha
I'm a fucking liar but Jesus hole forgive me !!!!

You are an undisputed classic, Zioum Zioum. Your comments here at 365 need to be saved and put into a book. I'm serious.

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

good onya Kimberley Kaye for shouting Marty $20 bucks....but wots with my "ramblings"? RAMBLINGS!!! thanks hun!!! ;-)...& i guess its okay to be a littl' jealous that i've found a New Super Hero in Marty & his life changing 365 work he carries out day in day out.... all to make the world a better place........ Kim you will always be my "Wonder Women" you know that....plus i think its really cool you cyber-stalkin' me from 15,000 k's away, makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside!!! miss you hun!! xoxo

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfitzy

Hey Marty. The website looks awesome. Enjoy the mars bar when you get there. Cant wait to see the pictures. And thanks for the shout out on my endeavor. Hopefully we'll run into you again. Good luck the rest of the way!

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJames and Kait

& good onya Zioum Zioum! congrats on the job mate well done! & dont think of it as a "lie" more just classic compulsory bullshitting....

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfitzy

to Dave Brooks, you anywhere near Port Macquarie NSW? we should have a couple of tooheys sometime?

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfitzy

Now I need to get drunk & talk to the Dear Head & ask what else does ZioumZioum lie about ?

April 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJHwang

I lied about my real identity.... I am Jesus ! and I can prove it by appearing on a 99cts slice of pizza!

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