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Traveling Day—Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Okay, it's time to head back to New York City. I had a blast in Peoria and Chicago and my last night in Chicago will be posted later this afternoon/early evening tonight. It's 9:00 am, my plane leaves in about one and a half hour's time and I need to find a bar for tomorrow's posting so I can take it easy when I get back home tonight. Check back tonight for yesterday's bar crawl which includes a stop at the John William's Show on WGN radio, a cheeseburger lunch at the legendary Billy Goat Tavern and then the nightly bar crawl at Club Foot. Here's a preview picture of myself and these two trouble-makers at the Club Foot, check in later to read all about it. Cheers!

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Reader Comments (5)

Have a safe trip back, cant wait to see the Club Foot entry!

May 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarfly

Amy and I walked up the stairs in front of the Billy Goat and she said it was a Chicago landmark that's housed many a writer's bar tab. She hoped you'd had a chance to stop in and I'm glad you did! Can't wait to read about last night's adventures!

May 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

Cheese Boiger, Cheese Boiger...........Tuff life you got there Wombacher! Babes and Burgers and.......of course.......Beer..365 days of the year! Can't wait to see last nights pics! Cheers!

Hay Marty are you back Monday @ work ? Let Me know , since I took off Monday & Tuesday off & would like to go with you Monday nights crawl with ZioumZioum , let me know .

I really tried to read, but my eyes are burning, too tired, too much beers, i think i'm drunk? too much crazy zioum zioum ! so i'll read all of this when my ass is in town !! because right now i should go to bed, right?
ok 4am here and I got my last beers with my texan brother and I need to get up in 2 hours and go to airport, yo crazy ! tommorow I'll be in New York !!
weird, i'm soooo happy to come in nyc but in same time sad to leave France and my texan bro, but i'm sure he will come in NYC soon to visit us!

and yes can't wait to see you again marty, and go drink beers in the bar crawl !!! hoo woooooo
i'm drunk, vive la France !! hoooly shit! LOL

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