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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010—Bar 164

Day 164—Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
Subway Inn

Ding, ding, ding, the wonderful PayPal donation bell is ringing again! Katy Borden sent in a generous donation of 25 dollars with the stated purpose on the PayPal receipt saying, “ In support of “A Guy Walks Into 365 Bars.” She also left the following message: “Please buy James Mollo a drink when he gets back to NYC and tell him California misses him.” James is my friend who moved to California and is moving back to New York shortly. He’ll be bar-hopping with me on the bar crawl when he gets back and his first beer will be on you Katy! Thanks so much!

Tonight’s bar is a place I’ve been meaning to go to for awhile. 365 Bars reader and commentator Al Rizo recently suggested it in an email, so tonight we go to the Subway Inn. Al lives in Miami, but he’s a seasoned NYC bar crawler and this is a good recommendation as I haven’t been to a decent dive bar in a little bit. The Subway Inn is a legendary watering hole and I thank Al for suggesting it. Let’s dive in to the Subway Inn, the water’s fine and 100 proof!

Great old-school neon signage!

Aaaahh, it feels like home in here!

Cesar's a veteran bartender here, he's been serving up suds here for over seven years.

Here's Jose and a fellow who chose to go the name of, "Anonymous."

Anon is a fellow photographer who wanted to donate to the 365 Bar Crawl by buying shots. Cesar mixes up two shots of liquid cocaine, which is one part Bailey's Irish Cream, one part Jagermeister and one part Bacardi's 151 Rum. Yikes!


And bomb's away! It was surprisngly smooth. Thanks Anon!

Cesar and some of the regulars at the end of the bar.

Pay telephones! An image which harkens back to pre-cellular phone days.

The draft beer available at Subway Inn.

Here's the two prettiest women in the bar: Stephanie and Aramis.

Aramis has a blog which she said she hasn't updated for awhile. I told her I'd put up a link and she said that there would be a new post today. The pressure is on Aramis! Here's the link to see if she made her deadline: Miss Lovely.

It's mainly beer and shots at this joint.

See what I mean?

Love the retro TV in the Subway Inn!

Christian was the other bartender on duty.

If only this bar could talk! Scuffs and scratches from years of boozing and bruising.

There's lots of shots of Marilyn Monroe in here.

Here's an Andy Warholish one.

I love this one with the green light on the red walls. Okay the beers and liquid cocaine are kicking in, so it's time to say, "Goodnight everybody!"

I found this reader review over at New York Magazine’s website archives and I can’t top it. The reviewer’s posted name is: loveofcarnage and here’s his review of Subway Inn:

“Me and my girlfriend walked through the doors and wished we'd bought those night-vision specs at the army surplus! WHAT A BAR! it was like being in a David Lynch film! i wanted Frank Booth to come over, rip my face off and piss into my occular cavities! i really miss it! i will return (without girlfriend) in 2006 - get ready Frank!”

That says it all! The only thing I can add is: “Suave! Goddamn you're one suave fucker!” The Subway Inn is one of the last slices of old-school Noo Yawk. Throw down a beer and shot before it becomes a T.G.I.F.

Subway Inn
143 E. 60th St. (Near Lexington Ave.)