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Monday, November 1st, 2010—Bar 295

Day 295—Sunday, October 31st, 2010—Halloween
North Square Lounge

I liked Halloween as a kid, but I’m in total agreement with Fat Al over at the Half Empty Glass. Halloween is for kids and adults should just leave it the fuck alone. It’s turned into a New’s Years Eve kind of night with people forcing themselves to “have a good time.” And the parade they have in New York is just one big fucking mess. I live off Sixth Avenue where the parade snakes down and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to walk blocks out of my way just to get home because cops wouldn’t let me cross Sixth Avenue. And the bars are packed with nimrods and people drunk out of their mind. I haven’t gone out on Halloween since I was in my 20’s and would go to some Halloween party just to get trashed. But this year I have to go to a bar, so I decided, what the fuck. Since I have to go out, I might as well get in the spirit of things. I got a little costume and we decided to meet at the North Square Lounge, which is located under the Washington Square Hotel. It’s an out of the way bar and I figure it won’t be too nuts there. Then they’re going to the parade (suckers!) and I’m going to Tompkins Square Park where there’s a big protest/fiesta scheduled. I figure there should be some real characters and I should be able to get some great pictures for this post. I’m actually kind of excited about it! So let me put on my costume and away we go. Somebody cue up Count Floyd!

I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the bar. Is it the Halloween curse rearing its ugly head? Let's hope not. Anyway, here's a aerial shot of the small curly-Q bar. It's nice and cozy in here. And not crazy at all, which is a relief.

Here's bartender Joe, all dressed up in an outfit. I told him he looked like one of the Grateful Dead.

But he told me he was dressed up as "The Dude," from the Big Lebowski. Dude!

Here I am in my costume. I don't really know what I'm supposed to be, but I chose the outfit because it has easy drinkage access.

Kelcey is a server who took my picture, so I in turn took hers. A very cute cowgirl indeed!

Some of the drafts available at the bar.

And here I am joined by Biff and Aaron. Aaron picked up a mask at Ricky's down the street and Biff dressed up as...Biff!

There's a dining/lounge area in the back.

Black and white pictures of actresses including Great Garbo line the back wall. We weren't sure, but we think the first one is Lady GaGa.

We retreated to the back area when Chrissy, Janie, Paul and Colin showed up. Texting alert: People put those things away!

Biff takes off her cap and flips the 365 camera off! Nice one, Bifferoonie!

Okay, at this point they all went to the parade (suckers!) and Colin and I headed eastward to towards the Tompkins Square Park where the protest/fiesta was taking place. I didn't take as many photos in the bar, because I was sure I was going to get some award-winning shots at the park. I was really looking forward to it.

It was kind of dark and quiet outside of the park.

Where the fuck is everybody?

It's fucking desserted in here! What a fucking gyp! Just like I always say...

Fuck Halloween!

And what better time to display this new piece of 365 artwork by "Boris." The 365 Flip! Great work, Daddio and goodnight everybody!

Okay, Biff and the gang are coming over tonight, so I have to go stock up on beer and snacks and do a bunch of other stuff, so I don’t have time to write a review. Here’s one from New York Magazine, which features the North Square Lounge as a critics pick. You should check it out, a nice, cozy little place with friendly bartenders and waitstaff. Take it away, New York magazine.


If there ever was a drinking hole tailor-made for conducting a tryst, North Square is it. Miraculously undiscovered by both tourists and locals, this mahogany-toned grotto offers illicit lovers (or anyone else seeking a disturbance-free drink) as much privacy as they could possibly find short of renting a room. The ceiling-level windows would normally reveal only the feet of passersby on the sidewalk outside, but even these minimal portals to the outside world have been obscured by lovely Art Deco stencils. If the dim lighting and decadent cocktails aren't enough to encourage canoodling, the painting above the bar, which depicts a voluptuous woman in flagrante delicto, should serve as inspiration. Conveniently, there's a hotel upstairs.— Jenifer Van Vleck


North Square Lounge
103 Waverly Pl. (@MacDougal St.)

Bonus Vegemite Art By Jaws!

If you follow the blog regularly, you’ll remember that 365 commentator and artist, Jaws, sent away for some authentic vegemite from Australia. Well, it came and here’s his full report, take it away, Jaws!


Sleepy Sunday, Happy Halloweeny!

I forgot to set my alarm and I'm just waking up. Today's post will be up around 2pm or 3pm after I drink some diet Mountain Dew and enjoy some little donuts. But it's a memorable post featuring people from Minneapolis, Colin from Sydney, Australia, Aaron from Chicago and Biff and her entourage. Stay tuned! In the meantime in the spirit of Halloween, here's the theme song from the Munsters.