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Friday, Sept. 24th, 2010—Bar 257

Day 257—Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Tonight I’m going to the legendary New York bar, Hurley’s. I remember Johnny Carson talking about Hurley’s way back when the Tonight Show was located in New York (yes, I’m that old.) It’s no longer located in its old Rockefeller Center location, it moved to 48th Street about ten years ago. It looks like it retained its old school attitude and looks though and it’s a whopping three stories with a bar on every floor. My three bars! I hope they’re named Robbie, Chip and Ernie, but that would be too good to be true, but we’ll find out.

And there’s going to be a special guest star tonight. Most of you will remember Lex from last Tuesday where she was the 365 bar correspondent for a party thrown by Jon and Kate from the fine magazine-styled website, Grade “A” Fancy. Lex is in town with her in-laws from Canada, her husband Peter had to stay home and work and watch their two kids, one of whom is a rumored window breaker, but I’ll never tell. Tonight Lex’s in-laws are going to a Broadway show that she’s seen already, so she’s joining me on the bar crawl. The least I can do is buy her a drink or three for standing in for me at the party at the Rum House. So it’s off we go.

Here it is, Hurley's bar. I got a stiff neck trying to get this shot.

Here's Emily, the lovely and friendly hostess who pointed us towards the bar.

And here is the aforementioned bar. It's big and looks nice.

And bartender Benjamin quickly serves up a beer.

And here I am with my special guest of the evening, Lex all the way from Canada! Cheers!

The bar on the ground floor is a large horseshoe bar which is divided into two rooms. One side is relatively quiet and calm...

And then you go through this alcove...

And this side is kind of crazy busy. It's cool, you can choose whatever atmosphere floats your boat on one floor.

There's tables opposite the bar and this place is a big hangout for business people and those rumored to be business people.

Smile, Lex, you're on 365 Candid Camera!

On my way back to the quiet side of the bar I met these guys, from left: Silas, Matthew and Fred. Silas and Matthew were in town from Oakland, California and Matthew was visiting from Fargo, North Dakota.

Always love the lit-up bottles behind the bar!

On our way up to the rooftop terrace bar we met Clive the manager of Hurley's. Here he is with Lex.

And here's the rooftop terrace bar. One of the coolest and relaxing rooftop bars I've been to.

And here's bartender Stephen with yet another bottle of beer and a trick up his sleeve.

Or should I say in the palm of his hand, check out his moustache tattoo. Hilarious!

Here's the outside terrace that has a beautiful view. Hey, are those two smoking?

Hell yes they're smoking and they're outside so the Bloomberg cigarette police brigade can't touch them. Wilhemina and Chuck were visiting New York from Holland and were having a great time in the city.

The stunning view from the terrace.

Lex is back at the bar chatting with Stephen.

And who shows up but Lex's in-laws direct from the Broadway show. It's their 50th wedding anniversary! From left, Conrad A.K.A. "Morley," Mary Ann, Lex and Yours Fooly.

Lex's in-laws were lots of fun and we had a great night. Here they pose with Richard (I think, I forgot to write his name down in my notes.) Lex said she had seen Richard in diapers in Mexico and I didn't ask any questions about that. Some things are better left unsaid. Thanks to Lex, Morley and Mary Ann for joining me on this bar crawl, it was lots of fun! Goodnight, everybody!

Hurley’s originally opened in 1892 in what is now Rockefeller Center. When prohibition happened, they simply outfitted the front to look like a florist shop and the Hurley family operated a speakeasy in the back. In 2000 they moved to this location and the bar and restaurant is a tri-level affair. The first floor has a giant two room horseshoe bar with one side that’s occupied by locals and the other is frequented by tourists and theater goers. The middle level houses a small bar and a large dining area and up on top is a recently opened roof-top terrace bar. It’s a friendly atmosphere and they’ve managed to retain the old-school Hurley’s charm of days gone by.

Hurley’s has three full bars all with a decent selection of draft and bottled beers.
It’s also a restaurant but you can eat full meals at the bar. Some of the offerings on the menu include: Certified Angus Beef New York Strip with blue cheese butter; Beer Battered Shrimp; Tuscan Roasted Chicken and Grilled Bratwurst & Garlic Mashed potatoes. They’re known for their French Onion Soup and if you have a strong heart, check out the Irish Cheese Fries which are topped with cheddar, jack cheese, bacon, scallions and gravy. Ouch, my heart just exploded a little just typing in that last sentence!

232 W. 48th St. (Near Broadway)