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March 21st, 2010—Bar 70

Day 70—Saturday, March 20th

First off let me wish 365 Bars commentator Zioum Zioum the Chainsaw a happy birthday! She's 25 today and let's all wish her a happy birthday! Zioum Zioum got this site some press in France at Le Post, check it out here: Le Post. Happy Birthday to you, Zioum Zioum!

Okay, today is not going to be so much about the bar as I’m off to a dinner party in Long Island. My friend, former co-worker and culinary chef supreme, Sam Wong is having a dinner party and I’m traveling out there today with my friends John and Luna. We’re leaving out of Penn Station, so I’m going early and we’ll scout out a bar there and then take the train to Long Island. So let’s go, I’ll need a few belts before heading into the land of suburbia and Sam Wong.

It's nice out today and getting warmer. Clothing is getting skimpier. Hello!

Here we are, Penn Station.

Down the stairs and into the station.

And here's a restaurant and bar. Perfect!

Kabooz's, let's check it out.

It looks like a nice, friendly place for a few pre-Long Island beers.

And bartender Joselito serves the first one up.

Cheers and peace...of pie!

Louis was enjoying a martini before heading back to Morristown, New Jersey.

Charlie was enjoying a draft beer before catching a train to Long Valley, New Jersey. He said he's available to do stand-in work for Paul Giamatti. Send me an email if you're out there and interested Paul.

Ray and Melissa stopped in for a cocktail before going to visit family in New Jersey.

Cynthia was the second bartender on duty. Second bartender, holy shitballs, I have to get going, I'm running late!

Here's Luna and John down at the tracks ready to make our way to Long Island.

All aboard!

Our train is on Track 15.

The train ride out to Long Island offers up beautiful scenery such as old buildings...

And more old buildings. Zzzzzzz.

Here's Sam, our host who picked us up at the train station.

Within minutes of arrival, the first two courses are served, bruschetta and clams. Both were tasty and delicious.

Here's a closeup of the clams which Sam prepared on the grill.

Here's grilled cornish game hens and asparagus. Most people would've called it a meal at this, but not Sam.

Next up was homemade French onion soup. It was hearty and tasty.

And here's the main course, the prime rib!

Sam starts to carve up this masterpiece of meat.

And it's the best prime rib I have ever had the pleasure of eating! Well done, Sam...well, it's rare, but well done! Thanks for the delicious dinner. (Note: Sam's wife Hilda and daughter were also present, but they were too shy for the camera, thanks for the fun dinner!)

And here we are on the return trip to Manhattan.

The beer and food have finally caught up with me. Goodnight everybody!


Ditch T.G.I.F. and head here for your commuting drinks and munchies.
Kabooz’s is a friendly place to throw back a belt or two before heading to Jersey or Long Island. The atmosphere in here is ever-changing due to the clientle’s train schedule, but the bartenders and waitstaff are a friendly crew. There’s  a large bar and plenty of tables and chairs to relax before you have to catch your train to wherever you’re heading.

Happy Hour is Monday through Friday and the beers are half priced. Among the beers to choose are: Budweiser, Rolling Rock, Beck’s and Grolsch. And if you need energy for your trip back to the burbs, food here includes: chicken wings, scallops, steak sandwich, nachos and pan-seared salmon. I didn’t need to eat because I was headed towards Sam Wong’s house for a delicious dinner. Read about it below.

2 Penn Plaza—Penn Station


Sam Wong

Sam is located in Long Island and is a master chef. Food is his passion and it shows when you sample his cooking. He’s a culinary wizard on both the outdoor grill and conventional oven indoors. Every summer he hosts a cookout that can’t be beat. He grills every dead animal known to man and it’s a scrumptious feast! The ribs are the highlight of that event, with chicken, steak, hot dogs and lobster coming in a close second. Tonight’s meal was fantastic. The first two appetizer courses were bruschetta  and clams. Both were tasty and prepared perfect. The second course was French onion soup and it was a meal unto itself with toasted bread, melted cheese and tasty onion broth making for a nice pallete cleanser. I was starting to get full, but next Sam presented grilled cornish game hens and asparagus. The hens were seasoned nicely and grilled to perfection and the asparagus was crunchy and tasty. Sam and Hilda’s three year old daughter Fiona had seconds of the asparagus for proof of how tasty the food was. How many three-year-old’s get seconds of vegetables? Finally the main course was served. Prime rib done Sam Wong style. He started it in the state of the art oven in his kitchen and finished it outside on his Weber grill. I’ve had lots of prime rib in my life and I can honestly say this was the most savory and tasty prime rib I’ve ever tasted. Delicious! If you’re in the Long Island area and want a party catered with delicious food, contact me and I’ll pass your request off to master chef, Sam Wong. Cheers!