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Saturday, October 30th, 2010—Bar 293

Day 293—Friday, October 29th, 2010
Nassau Bar

I found a review of a bar called Nassau Bar from New York Magazine and the first line read: “Nassau Bar neatly straddles the line between dive bar and strip club.” Say no more, let’s go!

I've got the night off from work so I set out earlier than usual and then learned a sad lesson: Traffic is fucking nuts on Friday night around 9pm.

Half an hour later and we're still barely moving.

And now after a 45 minute ride, my cab driver confesses in clipped English that he doesn't know where the corner of Nassau and Ann is, but we're somewhere near. Motherfucker!

So I set off on foot in the Financial District, where it's kind of a no-man's land in some places. But after a few blocks and asking directions from some people on the street...

I see some neon lights, could this be it?

Yep, this is the joint, the Nassau Bar!

Wow, nice long bar and nice and dark, let's snag a seat.

Holy freakin' moley! The bartenders are smoking hot in this place. Tiffany served up a drink and was really friendly and nice. I like it in here!

As you can see, it's the start of Halloween weekend.

This ghoulish fellow is looking out the window. Hey, stupid, the real sights in here are behind the bar.

Here's the other side of the bar.

Hey, it's the lamp from A Christmas Story!


Here's Isis, another one of the beautiful bartenders.

The DJ for the evening was DJ Pacasso. Check out his website here: DJ Pacasso.

Here is mixing up a tune.

The lovely ladies behind the bar come over to lend some moral support to DJ Pacasso.

A group shot.

Note to self: Learn how to DJ!

Meanwhile back at the bar...

Tiffany poses with her friends Kristen and Evelyn.

And a parting shot with myself and the lovely Tiffany. Cheers and goodnight, everybody!

In a part of the financial district that’s a bit of a no-man’s land stands the Nassau Bar with neon lights to guide you inside. The bar is long and narrow with orange lights overhead and Christmas lights and knick-knacks covering the faux brick walls. The bartenders are female and clad in bikinis or lingerie type wear and are very friendly and fun. The bar has a bit of a go-go bar atmosphere, but instead of scantily clad girls dancing in cages, they’re behind the bar serving you booze. As you would figure, most of the patrons are male and run the gamut from suits and ties to construction workers enjoying drinks and the lovely women behind the bar who occasionally come to the other side to put some tunes on the jukebox and socialize with the happy drinkers at the bar.

It’s a full bar and there’s two happy hours that run from 11am to 1pm and then 5pm to 6pm Monday through Friday featuring three dollar drinks. In fact, you should come at happy hour to fully enjoy the place because it closes early. They shut down on weeknights at 11pm and weekends they’re open till midnight. The bartenders need their beauty sleep after all!

Nassau Bar
118 Nassau St. (Near Ann St.)