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Friday, March 12th, 2010—Bar 61

Day 61—Thursday, March 11th, 2010
Port 41

Ding ding ding! The donation bell has gone off again!

Gavin Bone sent me ten bucks all the way from Australia!

Total amount: $10.00 USD
Contributor: Gavin Bone

Thanks Gavin and g’day mate!

Secondly my old pal Bobby “Bub” Coletta gathered some people together for a group donation. Read about them here:

Total amount: $36.00 USD
Purpose: 6 Beers from the Bergan High School 78ers
Contributor: Robert Coletta
Message: Hey Marty-- 6 of us 1978 graduates (me, Pete Coyle, Tom Madigan, John Coker, Steve DeBruyn and Randi Hunzeker [actually Randi only went to Bergan for 1 month and then got thrown out, but who is counting] thought we would help out the cause and each buy you a beer. We figured $6 a beer ought to get youi a decent in the big apple. Keep up the good work! Bobby C and the 78ers from Peoria.

Thanks guys, I’ll buy back when I go to Peoria in April!

And last, but certainly not least, my old friend and half-brother sent this generous donation in:

Total amount: $25.00 USD
Purpose: Beer and Cigarettes
Contributor: James Borho
Message: Here is some venture capital. Please put it to good use. Also, buy your bro a birthday drink tonight. Looking forward to 365 Playing In Peoria. Vern "Iguanaman" Damico

Thanks, Jim! The first drink will be for you, my brother Jim and our crazy-ass memories!

I also want to thank some websites that have written about 365 Bars, click on these links to check it out: The BarBEERians, 365 Bars in France—thanks to 365 Commentator Zioum Zioum the Chainsaw for putting that up, New York Bar Stool Sports and Five Hour Lunch. Thanks for the linkage, everyone!

Alright, on with the crawl! Photographer Jason Kuffer clued me into an event he was shooting at a bar called Port 41, it’s a burlesque show in the bar. Booze and burlesque, I like the sound of that. Then I went online and read that the bartenders wear bikini’s! What are waiting for, let’s go!

Port 41 is on the west side near the Port Authority Bus Station.

Hello! It's not officially a bikini top, but it'll do! No wonder a small crowd of guys has gathered at this end of the bar.

Here's Jason, the photographer who clued me in on tonight's happening. Check out his portfolio here: Jason on Filckr.

Bartender Jen with her friend Jack Daniels.

Charlie is the manager and was kind enough to let me take pictures inside.

This group made the most of the 365 Bar card. From the center to the right, it's: Jackie, Steve, Julian, Kenny, Nicole and Yuki. Cheers to you all!

Eleni and Sevon were seated at the bar, enjoying the friendly vibe of Port 41.

Jen put on an impromtu show by walking around the bar with a Coors bottle on her head and then doing push-ups without spilling a drop!

Here I am with Celia Next Time, a performer with the Burlesque show, Tits and Giggles Burlesque Presents: Hell's Kitchen Hotties who were putting on a show in the back room.

And speaking of the show, let's go to the back room and check it out!

The room is filling up and getting antsy for showtime.

And here's Sticky Steve, the Vulgar Vaudeviliian, the Dynamite Daredevil of Depravity, the M.C. and leader of the Tits and Giggles Burlesque Presents: Hell's Kitchen Hotties. On with the show!

Here's Misty Mounds, uptight business woman.

But as the music starts, she throws down her paper work and loosens up a bit.

Okay, she's loosened up a lot!

I need to get an application for where she works!

And now it's Sizzle Dizzle, an alluring Tiki dancer.

Her name suits her, she is sizzling!

She's back!

Holy moley, it's getting warm in here!

M.C. Sticky Steve takes a break on a bed of nails.

And Celia Next Time takes a break on top of Steve and the bed of nails!

Next up was comedian and singer, Princess Sunshine. She's hilarious and you can check out her website here: Princess Sunshine.

Here she is performing her song, "Man Whore."

The crowd was in stitches. Uh, oh, check out the electric eyeballs on that guy in the back!

Celia Next Time passes the tip bucket around the crowd.

Next up was Lefty Lucy, a frustrated housewife.

But she decides to shed the housewife clothes and get a little more comfortable.

Okay, she's pretty much out of housewife mode!

And the twirling pasties prove it! Great show Tits and Giggles Revue!

Misty Mounds onstage dancing (and again, if the video doesn't play, switch your browser or click on it a bunch of times.)

The hilarous Princess Sunshine singing her original song, "Man Whore."

And a lovely ending from the bodacious dancer, Sizzle Dizzle. Goodnight everybody!


Located near the Port Authority Bus Station west of Times Square, Port 41 is a hidden gem of a bar.
It looks small from the outside but looks can be deceiving. Once you enter you’ll see the main room has brick walls, a nice long wooden bar and tables opposite for ample seating. And speaking of ample, the friendly and attractive bartenders wear short-shorts and bikini tops. Need I say more?

There’s free popcorn, a full bar with cheap drinks and affordable pitchers of beer to be had. Port 41 is loaded with character and with characters as well. It’s got an old school attitude and the emphasis here is on fun. When I was there, Jen the bikini clad bartender decided to put on a show by walking through the bar with a Coors beer bottle balanced on her head and then proceeded to do pushups and never did the bottle slip. It’s equal parts improv and saloon in here.

In addtion to the fun and antics in the front room, there’s a huge back room with a pool table. Special events are held here, like the Tits and Giggles Burlesque Presents: Hell's Kitchen Hotties show I saw. Port 41, fun, booze and bikini’s. Who could ask for anything more?

Port 41
355 W. 41st St. (@ 9th Ave.)