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Thursday, October 21st, 2010—Bar 284

Day 284—Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Fat Cat

Last Sunday I went to Lederhosen and met a really cool guy there named Alexi David (if you missed Monday’s post, you should really check out Alexi’s website here: Alexi David). Alexi told me that he works at a bar close by called Fat Cat and that it was a cool joint that had live jazz, pool tables and booze. That sounds like a winning trifecta to me, let’s go check out the Fat Cat.

Here we are at Fat Cat.

And here's the stairwell that leads to the underground bar.

The bar area is nice and dark.

Bartender Brendan serves up a can of Pabst and flashes the 365 card.

I'm wearing the 365 colors from the 365 Bar Store.

Alex, Dee and Steph were seated next to me at the bar.

The view from my perch at the bar.

The nuts at the bar are not self-serve.

But ask and ye shall receive.

The booths opposite the bar have checkerboard tabletops for chess and checker playing.

And here's some people deep into a game.

There's also a large billiards area in the bar.

And ping pong for those so inclined.

And shuffleboard. Deja vu!

Here's a couple playing Scrabble at one of the board tables.

And here's their board. Perve has an "e" at the end? Who knew?

There was a jazz band playing in the back room, but they didn't want me to take a picture of them. So a new rule comes into play: Whenever a jazz band refuses a photo, I'll put up the "Zilch" song by the Monkees. So there!

Things are hopping back at the bar area.

Usually you only see paddles on the bar at an S&M club.

Some of the knick-knacks behind the bar.

Free NYC condums for those who really want to play.

The peanuts are gone and the beer is empty. Goodnight, everybody!

Here’s a review from New York magazine about Fat Cat, I have to get into work in about fifteen minutes. Fuck.
Great pool halls are the ones with lots of brass, oak, and tables with those frilly leather pockets, right? The kind of joint where you introduce yourself as Mad Dog Sharky the Cat and no one bats an eye? Nowadays, such places feel contrived, as the gruff hearts of most old-time pool sharks have likely stopped beating. Which is what makes the un-saloon-ish Fat Cat the ideal place to hang out, drink beer, and talk plenty of shit over a few rounds of eight ball at a bargain $5.50 per hour. Located underground, it has the ratty psychedelic feel of a saltwater aquarium circa 1976. The 10 pool tables, though, are all kept in top shape.

Live Music
Jazz combos take the stage every night at 7pm. (There is a $3 cover.)
Fat Cat
75 Christopher St. (Near Seventh Ave.)


And now, The Kinks!

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Reader Comments (22)

Love the pool ball cats on the doors. Quite the collection of game tables, definitely could spend some time in there. And nice to see they promote safe sex ;)

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari

Good place here, a little like a rec room den, so many games you could spend the whole day there. Agree with Kari, promoting safe sex is good, but on the bartop? just kidding. Is it true Lexi lost yesterday by just 2 votes?

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAl

@Al: I just checked and she lost by 24 votes, but had a respectable count and came in at second place. But, as I stated yesterday, I declare her the winner here. Fuck that other guy!

October 21, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

Ooh! That entryway reminds me of a funhouse! Cool place, with all the non-video sporting options and such. I like their knickknacks too - that sunglasses model reminds me of Michael Jackson! I like the globular ceiling lights and any place that hands out nuts is alright by me! I dig the Fat Cat, you see? But how do you know so much about S&M clubs, anyhow?

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

@Biff: "how do you know so much about S&M clubs, anyhow?"

I read about them in the Penthouse forum.

October 21, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

Fat Cat is a very cool looking bar. I like it a lot and pool tables and jazz bands...totally cool.

Love it Marty!!

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTiki Bar Susie

it is of my opinion that the people are intending...it is of my opinion that the people are intending.

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergroovyrick

Cool place, but too bad the jazzheads wouldn't let you take a picture, but we get the Monkees instead, so screw them! Nice change of pace venue. And that's my favorite Kinks song! Good choice for a closer since you were in the Village!

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarfly

I used to spend a lot of time there before it was renamed Fat Cat. Used to be called Tekk Billiards. Really was just a pool hall. BYO 40 of Bud and a cigar (yes, it was in those days). Good to say the joint is still open.

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFat Al

A Great place complete with "Condom-ents"!

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter"Boris"

@"Boris:" Ha ha ha! Good one, Daddio!

October 21, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

"S&M Club" is that SadoMasochistic clubs?
Talking about New York condoms... those I found in street when we went to the French restaurant, I offered them to a friend ans he told me that he has never seen condoms as well-oiled ! LOL

Fat Cat Meeeow! cool place!

Oh Fat Cat looked awesome! Im a fan of being able to play Scrabble @ at BAR!

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermeleah rebeccah

I could spent hours and hours in that place. Table tennis, pool, alchohol. Throw in a couple of attractive ladies and you've got yourself a par-tay!

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Brooks

@365: Man, you've seriously gotta check out BROKEN LIZARDS classic movie "BEERFEST". These are the clowns responsible for giving us Super Troopers.
Some great jokes featuring Ping Pong paddles and heaps of drinking games...fuck that movie cracks me up...and some serious beer drinking gets done too.
Where's Alexi?? Please don't tell me he was in the band that didn't want to be seen....When you come down to OZ we'll go for a game of lawn bowls...

This place is a beer drinkers haven. Pool tables, checkers, boardgames and shuffle board. I've gotta play!!!

@Brooksy: Check out the table tennis room....I reckon you could move the tables out, get rid of the net and have a ripper of a game of indoor cricket.

@Zioum Zioum: "S&M Club" is that SadoMasochistic clubs?" Yep, that's it. Welcome back!

@Tim Clack: I didn't see Alexi there, maybe he had the night off, I'm going to email him. I'll look to see if BEERFEST is on Netflix, love a good beer movie!

October 21, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

First off, those pool tables look immaculate, secondly I've never seen more than one shuffleboard in a bar! Good pic marty this place is a winner!

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTheChief

@TheChief: I've never seen more than one shuffleboard myself! A first.

October 22, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

ohhhh its one of those ALL ABOUT ME days... in the shadow of a full moon. which could only mean one thing... throw caution to the wind.

FAT CAT...meowwww! old school shuffle board! with real life saw dust! ohhhh the memories
and monkee rap! (sort of)

now Marty, I know you hate crowds, but mark your calendar ...Dec 11 5,000 santa's and at the very least, 1 panda (love being a panda).

October 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShannon

@Shannon: So what's the deal on December 11th? And yes I hate crowds and 5,000 Santa's sound just a little scary.

October 22, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers



October 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShannon

@Shannon: I'll keep my eye's glued on the website!

October 25, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

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