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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010—Bar 266

Day 266—Satruday, October 2nd, 2010
Robert Emmett's

Last night I met bartender Rachel at The Flying Puck bar nearby where I work. She told me her twin brother worked at Robert Emmett’s, which causes me to wonder how much they look alike. I checked the place out online and it’s more of a restaurant than a bar, but I’m sure there’s a bar in there and according to menu they serve cheeseburgers, perfect for Cheeseburger Saturday Night. So let’s go find Rachel’s twin John at Robert Emmet’s and pull him into the 365 bar crawl.

Okay, here we are at 8th and 16th. It's a nice day, so I thought we'd walk, we just go straight up 8th to 44th St. and we're there.

This looks like a wonderful place.

Welcome to New York City!

Okay, ten more blocks to go. I'm starvin' like Marvin and have built up a powerful thirst!

Hey look, a street fair. Let's take a quick look around, this may be the last one of the season.


New York City t-shirts. Note to vendor, Calvin and Hobbes disappeared off the comic pages about a decade ago.

Nice to see someone taking advantage of the bedbug infestation of the city.

Wow, that Italian sausage looks good.

But these corndogs look even better!

What the hell, a little appetizer before tonight's cheeseburger!

And here we are, let's go in and find John.

A nice wooden bar and plenty of seats. Perfect. I wonder if that's John down there?

Nope, it's Ben. Ben told me that John would be here in a bit. And more importantly he served up the first beer of the evening.

There's tables opposite the bar for dining.

Some colorful bottles behind the bar.

And me above the colorful bottles with the obligatory barroom mirror shot.

Tom and Franci were seated next to me at the bar and decided to put some tunes on the jukebox.

And here he is, the man of the hour, Rachel's twin brother, John! Do you see the resemblance?

They're not identical, but they are twins alright!

The lovely Tracy was the other bartender on duty.

And boom, she delivers the dinner!

To Saturday Night Cheeseburger!


And (literally) a parting shot with Franci and Tom. Goodnight, everybody!

The bar/restaurant is named after an Irish rebel, Robert Emmet, but outside of the namesake and some of the items on the menu, that’s about the extent of the Irish themes to be had here. Instead the decor is simple with a long wooden bar and tables off to the side. There’s an upstairs dining area and bar as well. The bar is located in the theater district and close to the Port Authority, so on weekdays there’s a big after-work crowd with commuters having a few post work drinks before climbing a board a bus to come home. On the weekends the crowd gets a little more touristy, with people having a pre or post-theater dinner and drinks.

There’s two full bars here with a large draft beer selection and about a half dozen signature drinks including a mojito and a margarita. It’s only befitting that since the place is named after an Irish rebel that there’s some Irish fare to be had on the menu and they include: Bangers and Mash, Shepherds Pie and Fish and Chips. Some other non-Irish items offered up are: an Eighteen Ounce Porterhouse Steak, Lobster Ravioli, Linguine With Chicken and The Emmett Sandwich which is country bread with slices of smoked turkey, proscuitto, shrimp, fresh mozzarella cheese and topped with the chef's special dressing.

Robert Emmett's
694 8th Ave. (near 44th St.)

Bonus Photos
Okay, here’s part II of 365 Aussie commentator’s Tim Clack's photos from his bar crawl at the restaurant that he’s currently working at. Oh, Tim...
The Balcony...The Club and Bistro is a really popular spot any night of the week. I took these pics when they were just about to close for the night. That's why there isn't anyone here.

Chocolate machine. It's like gambling for diabetics.

The Bistro seats something like 150 to 200. I would have taken pics of the food and my work mates but we're just too busy to run around with the camera during dinner service. Maybe next time.

The Bar in all its glory.

This is my Schooner of Carlsberg. I took a photo so it would last longer.

An Aussie ATM for Marty's mate Joey D.

Great work! Thanks Tim, a great bar crawl from down under!


Bonus Jaws Art

365 commentator just sent in an interpetive piece of art of what he imagine's Fitzy' Koala bear buddy, Barry to be like. Thanks Jaws!

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Reader Comments (13)

Any hamburger or cheeseburger that doesn't drip down the side of your hand has got a way's to go yet in my opinion. Truly a great cheeseburger! Say, the next time Fitzy goes to feed Barry the growling Koala, he should go armed with one of those cheeseburgers...perhaps then Barry will lose interest in chewing his thumb off for a change! Apparently, foliage just doesn't cut it for the fuzzy little grouch!

October 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaws the Cabbie

"99 Bars of Beer on the Crawl"...
The countdown begins!
Great looking burger and bar!
Good peeps and good eats!
Thanks to Tim for the Bonus pics.
Always good to see those playing along at home!
Thanks mate!
And and "AussTM" machine too!

October 3, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter"Boris"

Hey Marty, you won't believe me!!!!! I forgot what the hell is a corn dog again!!! But as I would not ask you again, I went on wiki ;) The problem is that both words "corn" and "dog" makes me think of something with corn inside...!

So cool the chocolate machine! I'm sure Stupid Monkey would love it, when starvin after few cigarettes ! lol

I agree that's a tasty looking burger. I saw Smith's bar across the street in one of the pictures. Emmett's is ok for an afternoon burger but I don't think it will be on my "to visit" list. Too many windows for light to come in,,,maybe at night it may look better. Plenty of Cruzan flavored rums though. @TimClack: that blue light under the bar is really, really cool.

October 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAl

Always love it when you make a sidetrip to things like street fairs in the city. That corndog looked as tasty as the burger! How cool you met two twins in two nights! Great crawling!

@Tim Clack: Loved your down under bar crawl. But next time tell the bartender to put down her goddamn cell phone and pose for 365! LOL!

October 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarfly

i agree with barfly, love the little sidetrips and subway rides and scenery. makes me feel like i'm in nyc with you. less than 100 to go, i'll be sad when this is all over! nice photos from australia tim clack and jaws art...LOL!

October 3, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterrita r.

HAHAHA !!! Jaws you are the best!!!!! :D

October 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterZioum Zioum The Chainsaw

In related news (to Calvin & Hobbes, anyway), I saw on the Today show today that the comic character Cathy has finally acked her final ack. I only saw this "news" because I was running late for work. Which just goes to show that what they say is true...you should never run late for work for fear of what you may be forced to watch on the Today show. ACK, indeed!

Anyhoo, Robert Emmett's looks pretty good, albeit in an airplane restaurant sort of way. The cheeseburger looked tasty and I suppose you can't go wrong with flavored rum drinks. But I wouldn't mind it so much if the lights were a little dimmer and the floor were a little dirtier and the windows were slightly not-so-much-there-ier. Glad you got to meet John, though. Yay, twins!

BTW, I've really loved the bonus shots from Oz. For the joy of seeing the other side of the world, I'd like to give a shout-out to your friends from down under (and I don't mean your balls). Cheers!

October 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

@Biff: Reminds me of the fermunder cheese joke!

October 4, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

Tim is offically my HERO. Does ATM mean the same "down under"?

October 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoey D.

@Joey D: I think "down under" defines ATM.

October 4, 2010 | Registered Commenter365 Beers

Hey that is one cool looking bar!!

"Welcome to New York City!" LOL! Love it!

October 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTiki Bar Susie

Beautiful wood!And some nice eye candy behind the bar.

October 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari

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